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A Family-Owned And -Operated Company

An Open Letter to Our Valued Customers from The Lang Family

About Us

Lang's C & L Jewelry, Inc. was established by Lawrence Lang in 1977. Larry decided to use the family name when naming his business, and most do not know that the C stands for Catherine (his wife) and the L stands for Lawrence. The significance of this is to be known as Cathy and Larry Lang Jewelry, Inc. to live on through the years to come.

Our father sadly had a stroke in 2003 and later passed away in 2007. As his children, we all agreed to keep his legacy alive by keeping his business open. Growing up working in this business, we have learned over the years how dedicated and passionate he was about going the extra mile to please his customers with his expertise in custom jewelry making and repair. Every now and again we'll have one of our 30-year customers walk in quoting one of our father's many sayings "Show me the money" or "What do you say." It always brings a smile to our face to know that he still lives on through our customers.

The majority of our customers are known on a first name basis. We consider them as our extended family members and every day it seems to be growing. With our excellent customer service, it's easier to gain a great relationship with you. We look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future and we appreciate all the business you have given us.

The Lang Family