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How to Affordably Buy a Diamond and Protect Your Investment

Diamond Jewels
Owning a diamond is a goal for many people. The glittering gems are still one of the most popular choices of stones in all types of jewelry. The goal can seem insurmountable to some due to the price of diamond jewelry, but you can use some tips to get what you want for less and to protect it for a lifetime.
Check Preowned Jewelry
One of the easiest ways to save money on jewelry is to buy secondhand. All diamonds are already billions of years old. A used diamond, like any previously owned item, will cost much less than a comparable piece of jewelry purchased new. In addition, vintage and antique jewelry have unique designs that most people will not find in a retail shop.  
Avoid Flawless Gems
Seeking out a flawless diamond may not be worth the investment to the average buyer. The term flawless sounds appealing, but the difference is not visible to the naked eye. Small flaws within a diamond do not affect its beauty, and flaws help to keep the price down.
One concern with these perfect gems is that damage can happen whenever someone wears their jewelry. Even the smallest mishap could strip away the flawless rating and make the jewel worth less than its original purchase price. The flaw would be unnoticeable to the wearer but detectable to a jeweler or other professional diamond buyer.
Check the Shape
Certain shapes make diamonds look larger. Round, oval, and marquise shapes often look bigger than diamonds of the same carat weight cut in other shapes. Surround a gemstone with a ring of smaller diamonds or diamond chips to create the illusion of a much larger ring.

Choose Lower Grades

The cut grade of the ring affects price too. Cut grades have nothing to do with the design shape of the stone but refer to the way the jewelry cuts the diamond to bring out its natural beauty. An ideally cut diamond, the highest rating, will sparkle more and have a higher cost than all other cut grades. People that are happy with a gem that glistens a little less will save money.
Most experts recommend a good cut because the price is substantially less than an ideal or very good cut, but the diamond will still have a lot of sparkles. There are five cut grades in total, but few jewelry shops carry the lowest grade because of its lack of visual appeal.

Keep It Safe

Anyone that saves up their money to buy a diamond should make sure they never have to save again to replace it. One of the first steps is to review your insurance coverage. Homeowners should make sure their policy covers the contents of the home. The limit in a renter's policy must be enough to include the new purchase. 
Diamonds are obviously destructible because they are cut into their various sizes and shapes. Avoid wearing jewelry when working with tools or performing physical activities that could crush or chips the stones. The only way to repair a chipped diamond is to remove the damaged area, which reduces the diamond’s weight and size.
Lotion, soap, and shampoo can leave behind a residue that dull the gems. Cleaning chemicals can also cause damage to diamonds and their settings. Always protect the metal surrounding the stone because a damaged setting could result in a lost diamond.
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