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Fall in Love With Your Engagement Ring Again

Engagement RIng
When you first received your engagement ring, you might have fallen in love with it instantly. Now that you've had it for a while, though, some of the excitement might have worn off. Even though you might still cherish your ring for its meaning, and even though you might still think the ring is a lovely piece of jewelry, you could be feeling a little less excited about it.
Luckily, a jewelry repair professional can help you fall in love with your ring all over again. These are some of the services that you may want to look into so that you can improve your ring.
Professional Cleaning
You might regularly clean your ring on your own. If you haven't been doing so, try using a little jewelry cleaner and a clean cloth to get your engagement ring sparkling again. When you wear your engagement ring all day, every day, you can expect it to get dirty. Cleaning it can be a good way to make it sparkle and shine like new again.
If you aren't getting the results that you're hoping for by cleaning it yourself, however, consider taking it to a jewelry repair professional. These individuals will have the right supplies and know-how to get your ring even cleaner than you can get it at home. You might find that this is all that you need to make your ring look great again.
Stone Recutting
No matter how valuable your diamond or other engagement ring stone might be, the cut of the stone can have a big impact on your ring’s appearance. If the stone is not cut correctly, it won't sparkle and shine like it would with a better cut. A jewelry repair professional can recut your stone to give it a more attractive shape and to help it sparkle and shine like never before.
Stone Polishing
If your diamond is starting to lose its luster, consider having it polished. After diamonds are cut, they are polished so that they have a nice appearance. If your diamond wasn't polished properly in the first place or if it's an older diamond, however, it might need to be polished again. This can help you make your diamond look like new.
Throughout your life, you might find that your ring size will change at various times. If you have gained or lost weight, for example, you might have found that your engagement ring doesn't fit like it used to. With resizing, you can ensure that your ring has a comfortable and flattering fit. Plus, if your ring is too loose, having it resized can help you avoid losing it.
Many people upgrade their engagement rings later on in their marriages. For example, when your spouse first proposed, he or she might have chosen a more affordable ring because of budget restraints. Young couples often start out with more affordable engagement rings. Now, if you are looking for an upgrade, you have options.
You don't have to replace your entire engagement ring in order to upgrade. One option is to have a jewelry repair professional replace the stone in your current ring with a higher-quality diamond. Another option is to have one or more stones removed from your current ring and added to a brand new custom design. Talking to a professional can help you find out about your options for upgrading.
A jewelry repair professional can provide many services that can help you fall in love with your engagement ring all over again. Contact us at Lang's C & L Jewelry, Inc., to find out more about what we can do for your ring.