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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection for Less

Jewelry Collection
Do you want to upgrade your jewelry collection but can't spend a fortune? You can make changes for the better without buying what you can't afford. In addition to protecting your wallet, focusing on these alternatives can make jewelry shopping more fun. 
Here are four great ideas for sourcing better priced, but amazing, jewelry options.
1. Opt for One-of-a-Kind Pieces
If you can't afford to spend money on high-end pieces marketed to everyone, put your money into things that are more personalized and individual. You can get just as much — or more — thrill from a ring that speaks to you alone and has a unique feature than you get from an expensive but more run-of-the-mill jewel. 
Look for one-of-a-kind jewelry in a variety of places, including brokers and pawn shops. You can often find interesting pieces at estate sales and auctions too. Choosing uniqueness over karat count or shine may give your entire fashion look a new life. 
2. Look for Estate Jewelry
Estate jewelry is a loosely-defined term, but it generally encompasses items that have been owned and used before but that aren't quite old enough to be considered antique. This is a great category for the budget-conscious buyer because these pieces will be more affordable than truly vintage pieces. Average consumers also tend to have an easier time finding estate jewelry. 
When purchasing estate jewelry on a budget, look for jewelry trends that appeal to you within the last three or four decades. While some fads come and go, many trends are timeless and easily found in older jewels. If you're not into older styles, remember that often things can be easily updated to a more modern setting, cut, or grouping for a fraction of the cost of new items. 
3. Don't Forget Costume Pieces
Love big, flashy jewelry but don't like the high prices for a statement piece? Don't count out the value of costume jewelry. Made from crystals, cubic zirconia, and plated metals, costume jewelry is, as its name implies, fake jewels and fake metals. But costume pieces can be very high quality and look stunning — while all being at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
Costume jewelry is an easy way to upgrade your collection to include more statement necklaces, rings, and bracelets that will draw attention. But you don't have to worry about losing them, and you can afford more variety at the same time. This type of accessory is often available at similar retail locations as one-of-a-kind pieces, including pawn shops that specialize in jewelry. 
4. Customize Your Own Jewelry
Do you have items in your collection that don't excite you as much as they used to? Before running out to replace them with new jewelry, consider the value of reshaping them. Work with an experienced jeweler to determine if some of your existing items are in a good condition and valuable enough for re-purposing, then start thinking outside the box. 
The gems from earrings, bracelets, or older necklaces could be reconstructed into a wonderful new ring. Take out gems from several less-loved pieces and use them as a new grouping for a statement necklace. This is a great way to use leftover engagement rings from prior relationships, school-era rings or necklaces you've outgrown, or items that family members no longer wear. 
At Lang's C & L Jewelry, Inc., we have a large and constantly changing inventory of unique, estate, and customized jewelry for any and all tastes. Visit today to find ideas for upgrading your collection to better represent who you are. We’re sure you’ll find pieces that you love.