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3 Considerations When Designing a "Mangagement" Ring

Engagement Ring In Box
Engagement rings for men - affectionately called mangagement rings - are available, but there isn't a huge retail selection in the U.S. If you envision giving your love a man's engagement ring that's beyond what's on the market, commission a custom ring. Then, you can give a one-of-a-kind statement to your one-of-a-kind love.
As you and the jewelry designer plan your man's new ring, bear a few considerations in mind to ensure that you and your partner are happy with the results. Here are three things to remember.
1. Your Partner's Comfort Comes First
No matter how much you love a certain ring style, never force that style upon your partner. If your partner absolutely detests the ring, he won't wear it after the wedding, and you'll both feel bad.
Engage in discussions with your partner to learn more about the types of metal, stones, and settings he admires. If he already wears rings on his fingers, start the conversation by asking about those rings and the reason he's chosen them over other types of rings.
If you take the time to learn about his preferences, you won't make the mistake of ordering a ring made of a metal he's allergic to. You also don't risk seeing the look of disappointment in his eyes because you never took his preferences into account.
Remember, too, that some jobs cannot safely be done with rings worn on the fingers. Men and women with jobs in welding, electronics, automotive, and food-service positions should not wear metal jewelry while working. If your partner can't wear a ring, design cuff links, a tie tack, or a lapel pin to create beloved jewelry that will be worn whenever he puts on his best suit.
2. Your Rings Can Mix and Match
Millennials and the generations that follow have taken fashion musts and thrown them out the window. There is no list of correct stones or styles for engagement rings, and you can use any kind of metal you want.
You and your partner can have identical rings, or you can make his ring a different version of your ring. You can transition your engagement rings into wedding rings during your ceremony or add additional rings to make his-and-hers complete wedding sets.
If you need ideas for unique and beautiful men's engagement rings, check out some of the styles worn by men in Sweden, Brazil, and Argentina, where men traditionally wear engagement rings. Men's couture lines in Europe are also great sources of inspiration for your mangagement ring design.
Don't be afraid to be different. One new trend in women's engagement rings is to mimic the hanginglicense-plate look that was popular on cars a few years back. Instead of a crooked car tag, the ring has an offset rectangular or oblong emerald, diamond, or sapphire. This look is ideal for a fun men's ring.
Ask your custom jewelry designer for tips if you aren't sure about the practicality or feasibility of a design. The jewelry artist is trained to help you create a special ring that's meaningful to both of you.
3. Your Partner May Dream of a Ring
Some men love rings, or they love a movie, game, or legend that involves a ring of some sort. If you know that your partner would absolutely swoon over a ring inspired by a favorite book or character, don't hesitate to make that dream a reality for him.
Make memories and an instant hit with details like your partner's:
  • Dog, cat, or horse breed
  • Branch of military service
  • Favorite sport's team
  • First date with you
  • School alma mater
  • Favorite musical artist
  • Special outdoor recreation area
Have the jeweler add little private touches that show your partner you care, you listen, and you love their passions. It's also fun to repurpose old heirloom jewelry that nobody wears anymore. Ask your family if there are any brooches, bracelets, or other jewelry that can be reworked into a custom ring for your beloved.
Contact Lang's C & L Jewelry, Inc. to order your custom engagement rings. We make engagement rings from raw materials or redesigned heirlooms to create special jewelry you and your partner will cherish for years to come.